All Access DJ

Where it's all about YOU!

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All Access DJ

1600 N. Interstate 35e

Suite 103

Carrollton, TX 75006

(972) 466-1700

Experience the personal touch!

We are unique in what we do and we do it because you deserve to be treated like royalty on your big day.
We first sit down with you and go over a timeline and we walk you through the event step by step, even if it is not DJ related. Many brides have seen very little in the way of receptions and we want to help in any way we can so you will fully understand everything that will happen at your wedding.
We do ask you a lot of questions when we meet with you. That is because it is YOUR day so YOU should decide how you want everything to be.
We also give you a reception planner to complete which will detail your big day.
We are a small company for a reason. Having too many DJ's can take away the personal attention we need to give you. Our DJ's were hand-picked because they put the bride first over anything else and that is what our company is about.
We have had experience with other DJ companies and we try and separate ourselves because too many companies put the dollar first instead of YOU and we don't feel that is the way it should be.
We are honored and humbled that you have visited our website and we would like the opportunity to visit with you without obligation so you can see if we are the perfect fit for your wedding. And please do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions you may have.
We also provide DJ/Hosting services for parties, corporate function, as well as any other event that you would like professionally handled so you can enjoy the event!

NEW FOR 2014 -- 8 uplights and a custom monogram are included with EVERY booking of our preferred package!

Dancing Fun!

Keeping the dance floor full is something we take personally. We do not want guests to go home bored so we work hard at providing the perfect atmosphere!

It is all about YOU!

Nothing makes us happier than to see the bride and groom having the time of their lives.

Interactive Games

It is important that your guests are energized and have a great time. We offer some optional interactive games that are designed to keep the excitement alive at your reception!